Never Stop Believing
Season One, Episode One
Written by Sophia Nadia and Anna
Episode Guide

Never Stop Believing is the first episode of Never Stop's first season and the first episode overall.

The episode will be written by Sophia, Nadia, and Anna


Blaine, Substitute, and SueEdit

  • While Sue is away, a substitute principal allows Blaine to revive the New Directions as a new glee club.
  • When Sue returns, she is frustrated about the new club's formation.

Jack, Bella, and EllieEdit

  • Jack pranks the sign up sheet, which Blaine later blames on Sue.
  • Bella sabotages Ellie's audition by locking her in the bathroom, to which she is later saved from by Jack.
  • Ellie and Jack kiss.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
City Of Angels*

Thirty Seconds To Mars

Jack Collins and Ellie Keith
with Rhythm Nation
One Step Closer* Shane Harper Jack Collins
Diamonds* Rihanna Ellie Keith
  • Indicates that a song possibly may not be performed, as the episode has not yet been finished.


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